17 November 2017

Noel Gallagher On 'Who Built The Moon?' Oasis, Liam, Parka Monkeys And More

While countless nostalgic Britpop aficionados still yearn for the day when Oasis’s Gallagher brothers will once again share a stage — and even younger sibling Liam, who released his debut album As You Were in October, seems more interested in getting back with Oasis than pursuing his own solo career.

Noel Gallagher isn’t looking back, in anger or otherwise. Instead, he’s releasing his most forward-thinking, adventurous, and ambitious album yet, Who Built the Moon?, out Nov. 24.

A kaleidoscopic, four-years-in-the-making project produced by electronic artist/DJ/film composer David Holmes and drawing inspiration from French jazz, psychedelic pop, soul, disco, ambient music, Brian Eno, and even Kanye West, it sounds like nothing the 50-year-old Mancunian rock idol has recorded before. It doesn’t sound like Oasis, at least.

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Liam Gallagher Is On The Cover Of Q

When Liam met Ed…

On sale Tuesday 21st November, the new issue of Q is an all-star special.

We reveal what happened when Liam Gallagher crossed paths with Ed Sheeran at the Q Awards and speak to a stellar cast about how 2017 has been for them, including Stormzy, Gorillaz, Manic Street Preachers, Kasabian, Sleaford Mods, Rag’N’Bone Man, Wiley and more.

Gallery:Noel Gallagher And His Wife Sara Enjoy A Night Out

Click here for a number of pictures of Noel Gallagher enjoying a night out in London yesterday with his Wife Sara.

Noel Gallagher On 'Who Built The Moon?', Oasis' 'Be Here Now', Liam, Beady Eye, Taylor Swift And More

Click here to read an interview with Noel Gallagher who talks about 'Who Built The Moon?', Oasis' 'Be Here Now', Liam, Beady Eye, Taylor Swift and more.

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Pot kettle black as you were LG x

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds At 'Neighbourhood Weekender' Is Now Sold Out

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds will headline Warrington’s Neighbourhood Weekender, Victoria Park, Sunday 27th May!

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US Spotify Users: Win A Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Album Canvas

US Spotify users...

Here's your chance to win an album canvas signed by Noel Gallagher! To enter the competition pre-save 'Who Built The Moon?' here.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - It's A Beautiful World (Behind The Scenes)

Find out more about the recording process of new track 'It's A Beautiful World' in the official behind the scenes video, which includes interviews with Noel, spoken word artist (and ✂️ supremo) Charlotte Marionneau and producer David Holmes.

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Video: Liam Gallagher In Phoenix

Below are a number of videos of Liam Gallagher at The Van Buren in Phoenix, USA yesterday.

Setlist: Liam Gallagher In Phoenix

Below is the setlist for Liam Gallagher at The Van Buren in Phoenix, USA yesterday.

Rock 'n' Roll Star
Morning Glory
Greedy Soul
Wall Of Glass
I've All I Need
For What It's Worth
Some Might Say
Slide Away
I Get By
You Better Run
Be Here Now
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Live Forever

Source: SetlistFm

Noel Gallagher: Manchester City Are Playing 'Cosmic' Football

Manchester City fan Noel Gallagher says there is something "very special" going on at his club and describes the brand of football they are playing this season as "cosmic".

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Noel Gallagher Is On Football Focus Tomorrow On BBC One

Watch an interview with Noel Gallagher on Football Focus, Saturday 18 November, 12:00 (UK Time) on BBC One and the BBC Sport website & app.

Noel Gallagher On 'Cosmic Pop', Liam, 'Who Built the Moon?' U2, Scissors And More

As the title of his incoming third solo album - Who Built The Moon? - suggests, all is not as it once appeared on planet Noel. After nearly 25 years rattling out earth-friendly, chart-topping hits, suddenly the atmosphere has changed. The Noel-axis has tilted and the recording studio controls have been set for the heart of the sun.

Click here to read the full article and watch the videos of the interview.

Listen To Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'It's A Beautiful World'

Review: Liam Gallagher In Los Angeles

Click here to read a review of Liam Gallagher at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, USA earlier this week.

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CLUTCHING as you were LG x 


No seriously I love shooting the shit with y'all as you were LG x

16 November 2017

Video: Noel Gallagher's Interview With Virgin Radio

Noel Gallagher sat down for an insightful and hilarious chat with Sam and Amy. We put together our favourite bits, from Noel's crush on Matthew McConaughey to the big crisp debate...

Noel Gallagher On 'Who Built The Moon?', David Holmes, Donald Trump, U2 And More

Below is a interview with Noel Gallagher from German Magazine Intro.

PLEASE NOTE the interview has been translated using Google Translate, find the original article here.

Noel, you are considered someone who usually prepares and goes to the studio with already finished demo songs. Through the producer David Holmes you have given the familiar control in part and even let him give you instructions. How hard was that for you? 

To be honest, it was not hard. Of course, going to the studio without finished songs is brave, but I'm fuckin 'brilliant at improvising. I have reached a point where I can do anything. I can definitely afford it. However, I had a short-term fear that the recordings lead to nowhere. Ultimately, it worked, and I really enjoyed this way of working. David Holmeswas pretty strict to me. Whenever I came up with ideas that told Oasis, he said, "Stop playing that!" He gave me advice like, "Play it the way Blondie would play it." I was just sick of it, always with me my acoustic guitar to play songs about the weather. So it seemed like time to try something different.

On the bonus version of the album, " Dead In The Water " is a very touching song. Only you with the acoustic guitar and otherwise very Spartan instrumentation. My girlfriend had tears of emotion in her eyes. Why is not this piece on the new record? 

I'll tell you a story: During the tour to "Chasing Yesterday" I had a longer period of free time, I sat in a hotel room and wrote the song within an hour. It just fell out of the sky. Some time later I was with my band at an Irish radio station where we played "The Dying Of The Light". After that we had some time left, and I started playing Dead In The Water. Just for me. Then the band got in - it was one of those magical moments you can not buy. I'm proud of the piece because it shows the essence of my work, the other Noel Gallagher . Stripped down.When we discussed the compilation of the songs of "Who Built The Moon?", The question arose as to whether there would be bonus content, and I said, "No, I have to disappoint you." But fortunately, this live version became recorded - which I did not know at this time. I am glad that the piece has not been lost. I can understand that your friend had to cry, because when I listened to it again, I immediately thought: girls will cry to this piece. Why the piece did not land on the regular album? Well, it's too fuckin 'good. I was just in the moment, started singing, and that's it . I'll do it all for myself, not you, not your girlfriend. I'm just trying to savor the pure moment.

We live in troubled times, the world has to endure , for example, Donald Trump . How can you act as an artist? 

Two things: Why does the world have to endure Donald Trump? Why do people even care? Everyone has an opinion on Trump, people go on anti-Trump demonstrations. But honestly, he is not my president. Of course he's an asshole because he's a narcissist. If I lived in America, I would have an opinion on him, but that is not the case. I could not fucking care less . He has no influence on my life, in any way.

You supported U2 on her last tour. Bono is now a good friend of yours. He combines his role as a singer with political commitment. What do you like about him, when you seem to have opposing views on that point? 

He is a very passionate person, full of dedication. He tries everything to have a good time. And that translates to the people in his environment. He just became a good friend. What can I say to the guy who is on stage? The lyrics are great and he has a great band in his back. He just finds the right words. That impresses me perhaps the most.

I do not want to upset you and ask you for the umpteenth time for a potential Oasis Reunion. Still, I would like to ask you one last question about your brother . Liam has released his solo debut. Did you hear the record , and if so, do you like it? 

Eh. I do not actually listen to stuff from people I'm not a fan of. I listened to a few pieces. And yes, I can understand why the album works. Let's put it this way: People who love this kind of music will be able to listen to it satisfied. In any case, I'm not interested in what Liam says. Recently I met two people in the street, saying it was better than anything from Oasis. Really?

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Noel Gallagher Says If Liam Misses Him And Oasis So Much Then “Maybe He Should Stop Tweeting About It”

Speaking to BBC Radio 4’s Front Row programme, Noel Gallagher has said that if Liam misses him and Oasis so much then “maybe he should stop tweeting about it”.

“I think probably the nation as a whole, particularly the media, would love for me to get a Twitter account,” Noel said, and added that he finds social media “exhausting” because “it shines a light on things that I find quite distasteful”.

“My wife is on social media and my kids are on social media and people come after them on social media and it’s not very nice. It is ugly, my wife has shown me things that people have written about her and it’s disgraceful. My daughter has shown me things people have written about her in regards to Oasis. That’s disgraceful.”

“It only heightens my resolve that I’ll never walk the stage with that band again,”

Noel said that he used to not want to reform the Oasis for “professional reasons” but that “now it’s personal”.

“People are coming after my family, and one particular person has legitimised it. And for that reason you’ve seen the last of Oasis.”

Listen To Snippets From Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'Who Built The Moon? Plus A Interview

Click here to listen to the show and skip to around 1 minute in for Noel.

Noel Gallagher, former songwriter and guitarist for Oasis, discusses his new album Who Built The Moon? He tells us why he chose to go solo after the break-up of the band and discusses his ongoing estrangement from his brother Liam.

David Holmes Says Noel Gallagher Is Incredibly Creative When He Wants To Be

Below is a small Q&A with David Holmes from the current issue of Uncut.

UNCUT: What did Noel tell you he was after?

David Holmes: "He didn't tell me anything, really. He asked me to produce 'Chasing Yesterday' but I felt it was too far down the line to get involved, so I suggested making a record from scratch that didn't involve him bringing anything to the studio apart from his guitars and a bunch of pedals" .

UNCUT: And the process? 

David Holmes: "When Noel arrived in Belfast, I had created about 10 loop-based backing tracks that were great jumping off points. Noel set up a chain of guitar pedals and we started experimenting with different sounds/melodies. He pretty much nailed everything that week. He then took the tracks away and slowly but surely started to write the songs".

UNCUT: Did you know Noel anyway? What were your expectations?

David Holmes: "I met him once after a Primal Scream concert in somewhere in Europe. He's obviously a great songwriter, but his skills on a guitar really surprised me. He's incredibly creative when he wants to be. Everything was down to a great vibe and instinct".

Liam Gallagher's Latest Instagram Post

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So Phoenix has been experiencing some unexplained light last night lovely I look forward to getting amongst the confusion as you were LG x

Listen To Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'It's A Beautiful World' Later Today

Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'It's A Beautiful World' will be played later today on the following radio stations.

Jo Whiley's Radio 2 show (8PM -10PM) (UK Time) listen here.
John Kennedy's Radio X show at 10PM - 1AM (UK Time) listen here.

Noel Gallagher's Only Worried About What His Wife, Kids And Cat Think Of Him

Noel Gallagher has said he's only worried about what his wife, kids and cat think of him.

He told Noisey in a interview yesterday “I don’t have social media accounts,I don’t get a live feed of what people are saying. My daughter is usually my … you know, when she comes in from school she’ll say ‘Oh god look at this’.

"But I don’t want anybody to know anything about me, so whatever the misconceptions are, that’s my fault. And I probably cultivate that. I’m not an overly private person, but I don’t give a shit what they think about me. It doesn’t bother me in the slightest.”

He added: “I for one, I’m not bothered what Mary Smith thinks of me, no offence Mary, and whatever her opinion is of me, that’s all it is. I only really care what my Wife and kids think of me, and my cat. My cat is important. If he didn’t like me, life wouldn’t be worth living.”

“Some people sit and have direct contact with their fans through Twitter and all that, and I don’t think that’s healthy. For either your fans or for you, because then you can’t detach yourself from it.”

Noel Gallagher: Social Media Trolling Of My Family Means Oasis Won't Reform

Noel Gallagher talks to Stig Abell about his brother Liam and how the treatment of his family on social media has only heightened his resolve to not reform Oasis.

Listen To A New Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds Track Tonight On BBC Radio 4

Tune into BBC Radio 4 this evening from 7.15pm (UK Time) to catch Noel Gallagher on ‘Front Row’.

The program will feature clips of and discussions about new tracks including previously unheard ‘Dead In The Water’.

Listen online here.

Noel Gallagher On Why You Always Strive For Perfection

"Albums are usually flawed in some respect. Even the great ones. Even 'Morning Glory'... Which is why you always strive for perfection."

'On The Record: Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds - Who Built The Moon?’ is a short film coming exclusively to Apple Music, out on 24th November with the new album ‘Who Built The Moon?’.

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Liam Gallagher To Play HUGE Show In Manchester In August

Liam Gallagher will play at the Emirates Lancashire Cricket Club on Saturday 18th August next year.

Tickets will go on sale on Friday 24 November and are priced at £52.50+BF for general admission and £62.50 for reserved seating. VIP packages are available.

Noel Gallagher On Brexit: “It Was A Legal Vote F*cking Get It Done And Let’s Move On”

Noel Gallagher has spoken about Brexit in a new interview, saying: “It was a legal vote. Fucking get it done and let’s move on.”

In a Facebook Live interview with Noisey yesterday he said “In England, the Brexit thing, it’s like, I can’t believe there’s so much noise about it,” he told Noisey. “You know what I mean? It was put to the people as a vote, the people voted. That’s democracy. Fucking get over it.”

“I didn’t vote because I didn’t think we should have been given the vote in the first place because as ordinary members of the public how are you qualified to talk about the break-up of the oldest continent in the fucking world, then the people trying to get the vote overturned, they used to call that fascism. But they don’t call it fascism any more because they’re fucking ‘right on’.”

“Personally, I don’t think we should have left the [European] Union because I feel right at the time of it happening, we turned our back on the French, who were going through some dark terror shit.”

“But it’s happened now,” Noel continued. “It was a legal vote. Fucking get it done and let’s move on.”

Noel Gallagher Thinks His Brother Liam Is "Obsessed" With Him

Noel Gallagher thinks his brother Liam is "obsessed" with him.

He said in a Facebook Live interview with Noisey yesterday "He's obsessed, as lots of people are. There's not enough hours in the day for me to get through the shit that I've got to get through. I don't know where he finds the time to sit on the fucking ... on Twitter. But it's clearly intoxicating for him."

He added: "I look at it philosophically. I'm here doing my thing, he's out there also doing my thing. You know, he's promoting my records, and as long as he keeps filling out the little form at the end of every gig, ticking off the songs that I wrote, it's all good."

Another Review: Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'Who Built The Moon?

Click here to read a review of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'Who Built The Moon?'.

Liam Gallagher Rolls Into Phoenix

Liam Gallagher will play at The Van Buren in Phoenix, USA later today.

15 November 2017

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet

To all my brothers n sisters in LA good to see you last night you looked great as usual as you were LG x

How Kanye West Influenced Noel Gallagher

Noel Gallagher has spoken to www.rollingstone.com and discussed how Kanye West influenced 'Who Built The Moon?' album opener "Fort Knox,".

He said "On the day that Kanye released that track 'Fade,' it fuckin' blew my mind," he says. "And I go into the studio and I'm going, 'Wow, have you fuckin' heard this Kanye track?' ... I've always loved that track by him called 'Power.'" Holmes suggested he write a track like that. "And I'm like, 'What? fuckin joking, are ya? I'm no rapper.' He had the idea of, 'Let's pretend we're doing a track for Kanye and we're going to send to him.' And as it was going along, I was going, 'This is amazing. He's not getting this.' So the reason why there's no singing on it is we had this idea we were going to send it to Kanye and then [throws middle finger in air] fuck him."

Noel Gallagher On 'Who Built The Moon?', Kanye West And More

Watch Noel Gallagher's Interview With Noisey

Uncut's Review Of Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds 'Who Built The Moon?'

Not for the first time, Liam Gallagher recently stunned a fairly large number of people with something he said.

At a show in front of a record industry-crowd, he attempted to justify his new album being written with collaborators. "It ain't all about the music," he said in an audible intake of breath. "It's also about being a cool cunt like me"."

Oasis or no Oasis, if you needed a precise articulation of the difference between Liam and Noel Gallagher, that would probably do it. One is still justifying himself, while the other has comfortably made it. One knows there's more to the magic of rock 'n' roll than just the music; there's attitude and charisma. And, actually, the other knows that too, but prefers to push his own party line. Namely that its all about the songs.

Interestingly, for so irreconcilable a pair, right now, Liam and Noel actually have quite a lot in common. Not that for a second Big Brother would see it this way, but he - in his way - is also using guest writers, looking for a way forward. Rather than present another album of great rockers and midtempo ballads, here he has enlisted the help of producer/remixer/movie soundtracker David Holmes to reimagine his meat and potatoes as a rather more exciting plate of food.

Early remarks about the record were of it's purported "psychedelic" sound. This might perhaps make long long-service Noelers cast their minds back to the tracks he cut about three years ago with the psychotropic Amorphous Androgynous crew, or further, to 1996's "Setting Sun", which cast him as the monk on the mountain top in the Chemical Brothers' own "Tomorrow Never Knows".

The Amorphous collaboration ended badly, with Noel apparently junking their proposed LP and Garry Cobain from AA describing Noel as "too afraid to be weird".

Nonetheless, two tracks "The Mexican" and "The Right Stuff", offered a pleasant space/time slippage and made it onto the last Noel album 2015's "Chasing Yesterday".

Apart from the possibly "It's A Beautiful World", which has an agreeably droney vibe before mutating into a Coldplay-style anthem, this album will not fry your brain, though that's not to say that a substantial change has not been attempted.

Encouraged by Holmes to collaborate, Noel has pushed as far out of his comfort zone as a person can while still having Paul Weller and Johnny Marr guest. Rather than presenting completed songs to his producer, the pair -working together on and off since 2013, apparently - have jammed, and listened, then revisited the material to turn into something more like a song.

It has yielded some interesting moments. Lead-off single "Holy Mountain" imagines 'The Sweet' covering "Diamond Dogs", or a Phil Spector production of Ricky Martin's "She Bangs". It is, as Noel has said, a lot of fun. "If Love Is The Law" continues the mood, this time channelling the spirit of A Christmas Gift To You From Philles Records, with some appealing sleigh bells and a flavour of "That's Entertainment" by The Jam.

"The Man Who Built The Moon?" near the end of the album, takes the tune and and rhythm of "Wonderwall", and puts it in the epic setting of a Bond Theme. Additional nods to a more widescreen production come with "interlude: Wednesday PT1" and the closing "End Credits".

Best by some distance though is "Black And White Sunshine". It's not unfamiliar territory by any means (Except for mention of "thanks and praise", which gives it a flavour of Sunday School we probably never expected from him), and it is very good indeed. And entirely unfamiliar guitar rift opens proceedings with a Johnny Marr level of freshness and virtuosity. the chorus, with reference to ships coming in, is jubilant in the pure Knebworth fashion. The descent back to the verse is done with some tastefully basic guitar playing.

If this excellent rocker were surrounded by a family bearing some strong genetic resemblances to it, "Who Built The Moon?" would be a superior album. That's not quite the case, sadly. "Keep On Reaching" find Holmes pushing some Curtis Mayfield presets. "She Taught Me How To Fly" is a fusion of Pulp's "Common People" with Blondie's "Heart Of Glass". And even if Noel doesn't like to talk about The Beatles any more, there's no hiding that "Be Careful What You Wish For" sounds rather like the riff from "Come Together".

Which is a strange thing about the album. As the album's bonus track (a live-in-the-studio version of "Dead In The Water") makes plain, Noel has broadened his horizons beyond the plaintive acoustic ballad. But to still be making records that sound a bit like other records after all this experimentation suggests he's gone an awfully long way round the houses simply to end up exactly where he started.

07/10 By John Robinson

Source: Uncut Magazine

What's Going On At 'This Feeling' This Weekend?

A well known haunt of well known faces, and where to see future next big things in advance, this week's events are in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield and Leicester.

Visit www.thisfeeling.co.uk for tickets and information on club nights all over the UK.

Noel Gallagher On Feminism

Click here to watch a video of Noel Gallagher talking about feminism to Virgin Radio.

Liam Gallagher's Latest Tweet

Rock n roll is not about been in detention it's smash and grab any body who plays over hour an half is a wanker in my book as you were LG

Setlist: Liam Gallagher In Los Angeles

Below is the setlist for Liam Gallagher at the The Wiltern in Los Angeles, USA yesterday.

Rock 'n' Roll Star
Morning Glory
Greedy Soul
Wall Of Glass
I've All I Need
For What It's Worth
Some Might Say
Slide Away
I Get By
You Better Run
Be Here Now
Cigarettes & Alcohol
Live Forever

Source: SetlistFm

Video: Liam Gallagher In Los Angeles

Below are a number of videos of Liam Gallagher at The Wiltern in Los Angeles, USA yesterday.

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